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4 mitos sobre Miami

Em Setembro de 2015, meio que de repente, surgiu a oportunidade de viajar por uma semana com a minha mãe. O tempo era curto então preferi uma opção mais perto do Brasil, pra não perder tanto tempo no aéreo. Eu…


Flâneur #03 | Doors of Paris

I already told a bit about my experience in Paris in this post here. We had cold and rainy days there and to be honest I didn’t leave Paris thinking about coming back. But it’s absolutely impossible to deny…


TAG: Wanderlust

Being a 90’s kid, I can say something that was a big hit back in the day were quiz notebooks that went around the school. I loved it! We’ve lost this tradition along the way, but lucky us we…

Brazil Soundtrack

Playlist #02 | É do Brasil!

If you plan on moving abroad, be prepared to answer lots of questions about your home country. When I lived in the USA, for example, people would ask me all the time what was the traditional Brazilian food and…


Flâneur #02 | Doors of Toledo

I was constantly amazed while traveling through Spain. I easily fell in love with 9 different things everyday. You know, approximately. One of these things was Toledo, a lovely medieval city very, very cute!…