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Who writes at the blog?

Hey there! My name is Mari! Really hope you just made Goku’s voice right now.

Early in life I found out about my passion for writing. During writing classes on my 1st grade I’d always ask for couple of extra sheets, specially if homework was about my vacations. Later I became that kind of student who ask questions by the end of class: pretty much Hermione.

A little down the road, I fell in love with rock’n’roll and spent countless afternoons at my English school translating songs. Funny hair phase, by the way!
In 2008, when I boarded on my first adventure: living 1 year in the USA as an aupair i discovered the biggest of all passions: traveling! And from that moment on, I can honestly say I’ve put all my savings and efforts to work for these passions of mine.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and after spending some time at Panama City I’m back home enjoying my motherhood. I work as a content, Social Media and Digital Marketing freelancer and I also plan specially tailored trips on demand in case you want to experience something unique around the world. If you need any help with a professional project or travel planning, just hit me at: ola@bus142.com.br

I register my travel experiences and passions through photographs and notes that later are transformed in posts at this blog, which was born to talk about traveling, dreams that do come true and inspire you to hit the road! Every content you find here are made entirely by me, unless otherwise stated and always with the due credits. If you want to use something you found here at your personal website, you just have to credit me, link back to the specific page you used and let me know by email or the comment box.

What’s Bus 142 all about?

The blog started as a way of putting together a series of passions and sharing my stories and opinions with the world. Besides, I want to help travellers around the world to follow their dreams and plan their trips with their feet on ground, but with the aid of helpful insights, my perceptions and hopefully a good soundtrack. All the stories here are super personal, just like we’re chatting, you know?
You may realize I use a lot of references: the blog’s name itself Bus 142 is one of them, and I already wrote about it here at this post.

Cool! Count me in!

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It’s awesome having you onboard! 🙂