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Panama Caribbean: Visiting Isla Chichime in San Blas

One of my favorite travel pleasures is that feeling of being inside a movie. You look around and think to yourself: Wow! So this place is real?

And that’s exactly how I felt visiting San Blas, in Panama. It felt like one of those movies that take place in an desert island: White sand, clear water, palm trees, all the different kinds of blue of the sea… Almost too good to be true. Except it isn’t

After living almost 2 months in Panama City I finally visited San Blas. The chosen island was Isla Chichime, located after a 50-minute boat ride from the San Blas’ port. Long story short: I’m in love! ♡


In this first trip to San Blas – because now I know how to get there I’ll be going all the time! – I decided to visit Isla Chichime, one of the biggest islands. You can walk around the whole place in about half an hour (that’s how “big” it is!). In Isla Chichime you find a restaurant, bathroom, electricity, camping area and cabins furnished with beds – which, in San Blas, is kind of a big deal!

Even though there is a good structure in this island, we decided to make only a day trip this first time, and that’s pretty easy to do if you are in Panama City. Tiresome, but totally worthy it! To get there, you have a 2:30 hours drive + the boat time that varies depending on the island you chose. The boatmen usually leave the San Blas port around 8 AM and pick you up at the island from 2 to 3 PM. All my tips on the boatmen contacts can be found at the San Blas Guide.

As soon as our boat arrived in the island we had this surprise: all these different shades of blue I didn’t even known existed! Just amazing!




We walked for about 5 minutes to a white-sand shore, where we set our beach chairs and tent to enjoy the day. That’s the thing when you have a desert beach almost to yourself, right? Relax and enjoy! 🙂
The sea is great here and it’s a good spot for snorkelling! The water was a bit fussy so our photos were not so clear, but we still had a great vision! And very close to the shore, another surprise: a starfish!

Mesmo sem muito sol, um dia lindo!

It was not so sunny, but still a beautiful day!




Look at her!

Água delicinha!

Great water!

Olha ela aí!

There she is again

Lunch was included in this trip to the island. Lunch in San Blas is basically fish or seafood. Everything is very fresh – in fact, if you pay attention, might even see the kunas returning from a fishing trip. Simple and yet very tasty!

Cabanas para passar a noite, pertinho do restaurante

The cabins, close to the restaurant

Banquete do dia!

Lunch is served!


Right after lunch we went into a short boat trip until a natural pool in the middle of the sea, called Piscina. It’s not exactly an island, more of a sand bank. That water was the most amazing one I have ever seen! Translucent, warm and with another dozen kinds of blue, besides more starfish and lots of seashells. It’s a perfect spot for more snorkelling, which is just what we did until we were tired of it.

Conchinha, que eu devolvi depois!

A little seashell. Take only memories home, please!

After this amazing day, it was time to say goodbye. That’s the moment when we were super tired but, really, still worthy every second of it!

Indo para "Piscina"

Tired, but freaking happy! See you soon, San Blas!

After discovering this little part of San Blas, I can say for sure: this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve even seen! It is, in fact, a sample of paradise on Earth.


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    Friday May 6th, 2016 at 05:06 PM

    selokoo……mto bommmm…parabens mariiiiii ta mto bom o blog.

  • Reply
    Mari Guedes
    Saturday May 14th, 2016 at 02:07 PM

    San Blas é maravilhoso demais mesmo! 🙂 Obrigada, Yureco!

  • Reply
    Monday January 9th, 2017 at 09:56 AM

    Prezada Mari Guedes,
    > Eu e meu irmão estamos pensando em ir a San Blas no mês de fevereiro do corrente ano. Gostaríamos de ficar na ilha Chichimé. Tenho encontrado várias informações sobre essa ilha, sua dimensão, a beleza do mar a sua volta, a distância entre ela e o litoral, etc. , mas não encontro nada sobre os tipos de hospedagem que existe nessa ilha, nada sobre refeições e também nada sobre o que pode ser comprado nessa ilha (tipo água, biscoitos, etc.). Gostaria de alugar um quarto privativo para 02 pessoas. Isso será possível na ilha Chichimé?Como é a alimentação? Sendo você uma grande conhecedora de San Blas solicito, encarecidamente, a gentileza de nos fornecer estas informações, com detalhes. Sabedor que serei alvo de vossa atenção , desde já, agradeço. Meu e-mail é
    > Atenciosamente
    > Orlando

  • Reply
    Saturday July 7th, 2018 at 10:27 AM

    Hi! I’ll be in Panama in the beginning of Nov, and am trying to figure out how to go about visiting San Blas. Like should I do a day trip, an overnight, or two nights. And which islands to choose. Have you visited other islands? I am thinking I would like to have a look at one of the bigger villages, spend time at a “deserted” island, and snorkel (but not a must…). Any suggestions?

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