Visiting Viña Concha y Toro in Santiago de Chile - Bus 142

Visiting Viña Concha y Toro in Santiago de Chile

I’m a huge fan of Santiago de Chile. I spent 4 days there and everything was awesome! I can’t really say what my best memory of the city is: the Andes Mountains as a background or all the great food always served with wine. Let’s call it a tie!

Before boarding to Santiago I researched a lot about the best attractions around – like I do with all my trips. I soon found out there was no time to do everything I wanted to – also something that happens with every trip. Ok, let’s plan!

I’ve heard a lot about Viña Concha y Toro and that was something I was really interested into. But I discovered that people tend to have mixed feelings about it. Some people claim it is too touristic – whatever that means. After reading these reviews I almost gave up going.
Which would have been a big mistake.


I’m no wine expert or anything. My feelings about wine are usually: liked/didn’t like it. I don’t even bother about the special, perfect cup. But yeah, I tend to enjoy drinking wine and, c’mon, I was right at Santiago and Concha y Toro was just around the corner. So I did go. And loved it!

Getting There

From Santiago, there are basically two ways to get to Concha y Toro:
Car: Once the winery is not at the metropolitan area you need to drive for an hour or so. Also keep in mind that you’ll probably drink during your visit. Still if that’s your option, driving instructions can be found at this link.

Public transportation: You make most of the way by metro. At Line 4 (Blue), leave at Estación Las Mercedes and after that you must continue by bus or taxi. Details are also here.

On our way back, we found a van outside the winery that was taking people to the metro station, charging almost the same the taxi driver did.

Chegando na Concha y Toro

Arriving at Concha y Toro


I think the tours are the best part of the visit to Concha y Toro. And in case you are also wondering if it’s worth it: yes, it is! The guide has easy-to-follow and friendly explanation, the information is interesting, the view is beautiful and the wine you drink along the way is very tasty and will surely get you drunk really happy by the end of the tour.

There are two different tours:
Traditional Tour: You walk through the park, gardens and estate house. Wine tasting of 3 different wines and you also visit the wine cellars, including the famous Casillero del Diablo. The engraved glass you use during tasting is a gift – just love free stuff!
Price: $12.000 Pesos chilenos or $19 USD

Marques de Casa Concha Tour: Besides the Traditional Tour, at this one you also have 4 wine and 4 cheese pairing. Oh! you also keep the cheese platter. (I really, really love free stuff…)
Price: $22.000 Pesos chilenos or $36 USD

Casona, the summer residence of the Concha y Toro family from the 19th Century

Casona, the summer residence of the Concha y Toro family from the 19th Century

Just so you know, each tasting glass has around 50ml of wine. Just a sip. But that times 7 equals this chilled smile here:

O sorriso vai aumentando e os olhos vão fechando

The smile is getting bigger and my eyes are slowly closing

You must book your visit beforehand through Concha y Toro’s website. There you can choose the tour in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
I saw some people just getting the ticket there, so that’s possible. But there’s always the chance you may not be lucky, and you really wanna do the tour!


I’ve chosen Marques de Casa Concha Tour in Spanish, because that was the only time I could fit the visit. But I sure was getting bit more fluent each new glass of wine… 🙂

I loved everything about this day! Our guide knew lots of curiosities about the winery and wine production. Once my visit happened by the end of November the vines had no grapes, but the garden is still impressive!

Every one of the 7 tasting were delicious! You start with some white wine right in front of the garden, go to Casillero del Diablo’s cellar where they have this little lights show with its legend and then two more tastings.

Bodega do Casillero del Diablo

Casillero del Diablo Cellar


After that, we met the sommelier for the cheese and wine pairing. I can’t find the words to describe how tasty that was!

Viveria só disso!

I could easily live just eating that!



To finish the day, we had lunch there, and guess what? Yes, more wine, please!
I don’t know if that was just the happiness I was feeling after 7 wine cups, but I had the best shrimp pasta of my life that day. I would return to Concha y Toro just to try it one more time!

Final thoughts: Yes, it is a touristic attraction. You won’t leave the winery with big wine knowledge or something. But it is fun, delicious and delightful. So make sure to visit Concha y Toro when you are in Santiago. 😉

When I left, I was happy. Bit full from all the amazing pasta. And maybe bit more demanding about wine cups. Or maybe not…


Have you ever been to Concha y Toro? Share your feelings about it in the comment box!

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